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To keep you updated on all the innovations and implementations of hydrogen usage around the world we will continually add news items to the website in this section so you can be informed of what is happening around Australia and the world.  We will also provide links to websites that provide information more specific to particular hydrogen planned utilisation operations.
  • 11th November 2016

Big automakers looking for hydrogen investment

A coalition of big automakers has asked the US federal cabinet to help fund a network of hyrdogen fuelling stations for a fleet of vehicles powered by fuel cells.

The Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Coalition met with the offices of five ministers to show their co operation on getting a pilot fleet of FCEVs on the road over the next several years. Powered by an engine that is fuelled by hydrogen and emits only water, the vehicles could cut greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, say the automakers.

The carmakers say public funding is necessary because of the the problem of not enough stations or vehicles in the market to warrant investment. The coalition is hoping to hand an economic rationale for funding to the federal govenment before the next US federal budget.

At Hyundai's assembly plant the petrol and FCEV versions travel down the same assembly line up until the end, when the powertrain - the machinery that generates power - is inserted, said Chad Heard, PR manager for Hyundai Canada. After that the two assembly lines reconnect. "Being able to do that, so that you have your line workers assemble just as they would a petrol powered vehlcle means that the technology is ready" said Heard.

Growing the technology in scale for heavier vehilces is also a lot easier than for electric vehicles.


  • 21st October 2016

World's First Four Seater Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plane Takes Flight

The HY4 - the world's first four-seater hydrogen fuel cell plane took off for the first time recently at the Stuttgart airport in Germany.

As the HY4 team explains, the fuel cell converts hydrogen directly into electrical energy and the only waste product is water. An electric motor uses the power generated from that process to propel the aircraft. "If the hydrogen required for the fuel cell in generated via electrolysis using power from renewable energy sources, the HY4 can fly without generating any emissions at all," HY4 says on its website.




For more on the HY4 check out the video below


  • 2nd October 2015

It's the dawn of the Hydrogen era in automotives!

Honda has confirmed the world debut of its production-spec Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) at the 44th Tokyo motor show in October 2015.

Following hot on the heels of the Toyota Mirai, it’s further proof that the Japanese car makers are inching towards making the hydrogen fuel-cell a commercial reality.

  •  25th September 2015

Hyundai will produce its first dedicated fuel-cell vehicle

The ix35 runs a 100kW electric motor powered by a hydrogen fuel stack fed by composite hydrogen fuel tanks with a 5.64kg capacity (equivalent to 144 litres). The ix35 has a touring range of 594km on a full tank.

  •  15th September 2015

The Solar Behind the Hydrogen

  • 14th September 2015

The Message from New Jersey!

Hey there,

I'm happy and excited to report that 3 little Australians played their role in the launching of a World First.
It was the First Commercial Solar-Hydrogen home,but what was far more important was that it is the first time in the world that every part and every piece of the solution was there that will change the world.

We had the SOLAR part, the BATTERY part, the HOUSE part, the HYDROGEN generation part, the HYDROGEN storage and compression part,the HYDROGEN FUELCELL part, and the MOST IMPORTANT PART was the HYDROGEN DISPENSING and the HYDROGEN FUELED vehicle!

That is the first time that my partners and all our Hydrogen associates agree that we have heard of and know of, that anyone has had every part of it in one location "EVER"!!!!

We were there on behalf of Solar PV Commercial and on behalf of Australia.

- Jem.

  • 8th September 2015

We're off to New Jersey!

The team is flying to see Mike at the Hydrogen House and finally see the Joule Box in person! Stay posted for photos.

The Joule Box Portable Hydrogen Power Plant


  • 1st September 2015

World Hydrogen Technologies Convention - Sydney!

Follow the link and get ready Sydney. The 6th Annual World Hydrogen Technologies Convention is coming up in October - email if you want to meet us.

  • 21st August 2015

Canadians Believe Hydrogen Fuel Cells Way Of The Future

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. has uncovered a strong appetite among Canadians for hydrogen fuel cell electric and non-gasoline powered vehicles, showing that it is time for a change in the auto industry.

Read more here.

  • 14th August 2015


In 2006, our friend Mike took his home off of the electrical power grid. Ever since, he has been generating his own electricity. All of Mike's electrical power comes from solar energy.
He usually generates 160 percent more energy than he needs to power his home.
Mike isn't likely to sell his power to the grid. Instead, Mike uses the excess electrical power to make hydrogen, which he stores in tanks, to run his car on.
Mike has proven that it is possible for you to power your home and car from solar power.
  • 7th August 2015

Australia’s first hydrogen car launched

This story broke back in April - it's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Nearly four months after its arrival on Australian soil, the nation’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicle has been officially unveiled in Sydney, alongside another first – a solar powered hydrogen refuelling station.

Read more here

  • 25th July 2015

The Hydrogen House!

The Hydrogen House is North America's first regulation-approved solar-hydrogen powered residence. The home was developed by Mike Strizki with a grant from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The solar hydrogen system was completed in 2006 and has since received international acclaim.

Learn more

  • 24th June 2015

Researchers develop new solar cell that produces fuel instead of energy

Researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the FOM Foundation have made a breakthrough in developing a prototype solar cell that produces fuel rather than electrical power. The solar cell represents a new way to produce hydrogen fuel, which can be used by fuel cell systems to generate electricity. Finding new ways to produce hydrogen has become an important endeavor, as fuel cells begin to gain strong support in numerous industries.

Read the full article here


  • 24th November 2014

2014 is proving to be an exciting year for the hydrogen industry with Toyota set to release it's first Hydrogen fuelled car in December. The Mirai is quite an impressive feat for one of the largest automobile manufacturers, who are also negotiating a $250 million deal with California to introduce hydrogen stations across the state.

Toyota have released an impressive keynote presentation which will take about an hour of hour time to watch (links below) which details most of the car's features. 

The Mirai can run for about 650 Km on a single tank of hydrogen which takes about three minutes to recharge completely. If this kicks off I expect we'll be seeing Hydrogen fuel pumps along side your LPG in the not too distant future.

Read the article here

Watch Toyota's introduction video here


  •  13th October 2014

Hydrogenics, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen-based power modules, today announced the introduction of “Celerity,” a new fuel cell system purposely developed for medium and heavy duty buses and trucks.

This is an impressive leap in the hydrogen industry which will help accelerate the commercialization of zero emission vehicles by reducing the time and cost needed to integrate fuel cells into a vehicle’s drivetrain.

Click here to read the full article


  •  15th May 2014

In America, one particular state is the "green" technology heaven, with California's rules among the toughest on car pollution in the world. The state is constantly investing in eco car technology. 

Because California is persuing all angles when it comes to offering its residents alternative means of transportation, the land of "green" is not putting all its eggs in one basket - that being the electric/hybrid car one.

The California Energy Commission is going to use $46.6 million investment to speed up the development of hydrogen fuelling stations. The states hydrogen refill stations are set to increase with 17 in various stages of construction and another 28 new stations to be started.


Honda has been on the market with its FCV Clarity for around five years, rivals seem to be rushing to be giving it some company. Hyundai is bringing to the US its already on sale Korean and European fuel cell-powered Tucson crossover, Toyota is adding a brand new and specifically designed model in 2015.


  •  6th March 2014

Los Angeles Hydrogen Fuel Station

The two founders of Hnrge  were thrilled on their recent trip to the US to find that Shell have started installing Hydrogen refuelling capabilities in their outlets on Sunset Boulevarde in Los Angeles.


  • 1st March 2014

Celebrities show support for hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen powered vehicles are gaining more attention in the US and the hype being built behind clean transportation is being aided by celebrities. The Toyota Prius and Honda CFX Clarity have found support, and a higher degree of attention from consumers, as celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Lee Curtis promote them. The Mercedes B-Class F-Cell vehicle also won the approval of two celebrities. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have voiced their support for the vehicle and have taken it for a test drive through California's Death Valley.

click here to read the full article


  • 24th February 2014

Is 2014 the Year of the Fuel Cell Car

For almost two decades, fuel-cell electric vehicles have been another five years away. That is until now, according to major automakers.

Hyundai announced in November that it will be offering a fuel-cell version of the Tuscon crossover, making it the first mass-market hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the United States

click here to read the full article


  • 7th February 2014

Storing solar energy for night time use has long been a holy grail for the solar industry. A team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), with collarorators from North Carolina State University, have now designed a dye-sensitised photoelectrosynthesis cell, or DSPEC, to store the sun's energy for later use in the form of hydrogen fuel, a potential tipping point for solar.

click here for further information


  • 10th January 2014

Toyota annouces fuel cell car launch

Toyota has announced the lauch of a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car in the US next year. The vehicle, which resembles the Corolla, is yet to be named. Calling it the "car of the future" Bob Carter, Senior Vice-President of operations, said the vehicle will be zero emission, mid size, four door sedan with a driving range of at least 480 km between refuelling and a fill up time of less than five minutes.


  • 18th December 2013

Honda Motor Co is ratcheting up its investment in fuel cells, rolling our a futuristic new vehicle and announcing plans to launch a hydrogen powered production car in 2015. The co founders of Hnrge in Australia, Jem Rowe and Corey Gubson were invited to view the release of the sleekly styled Honda FCEV Concept which was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The FCEV Concept is considered significant because it is aid to be the first vehicle to pack the entire fuel cell into the engine compartment of a vehicle. The vehicle is expected to deliver over 480km driving range, with an anticipated refuelling time of about three minutes.

Honda has been involved in fuel sell technology for more than a decade.

  •  28th November 2013

Jem and Corey tour with Mike Strizki

The two founders of Hnrge in Australia, Jem Rowe and Corey Gibson have had the pleasure of meeting and touring with Mike Strizki, the founder of the Hydrogen House Project. Strizki served as Project Engineer for over 16 years with the Office of Research and Technology in the New Jersey Department of Transportation where he developed renewable energy technologies.
In 2006, Strizki converted his own home to run on solar-hydrogen power, including a hydrogen vehicle fuelling station. The home serves as the flagship for his company, which designs and installs clean and renewable solar hydrogen systems for homes and businesses.
  • 26th November 2013

Nuvera Fuel Cells to Provide Fincantieri with Fuel Cell Technology for Marine Vessels

Nuvera Fuel Cells has announced that it will be working with Italian Shipbulder, Fincantieri, on a program to power high-end marine vessels with advanced fuel cell technology. Nuvera's fuel cell auxiliary power units will provide marine vessels with air-independant propulsion (AIP).
The outcome of using this technology is silent operation, a major benefit in the world of luxury sea travel.
Interest in hydrogen fuel cells for marine applications has grown as the marine industry looks for new ways to tackle environmental concerns and improve engine-reliability. The usage of hydrogen fuel cells in marine vessels reduces the exhaust emissions, vibrations, noise and costs associated with diesel powered sea travel.
  • 21st  November 2013

Hydrogen Infrastructure Developments in the USA

The USA has a long history in trying to encourage the adoption of Hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Its automakers led early attempts at introducing hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and attempts have been made to develop the necessary infrastructure on both the East and West coasts.


  •  20th November 2013

US Announces up to $4 mil to advance Low Cost Hydrogen Production

The US Energy Department today annouced up to $4 million in new funding to address critical challenges and barriers for low-cost low-carbon hydrogen production. These investments are helping to reduce the nation's reliance on gasoline and diversifying the nation's energy portfolio while reducing dependence on oil.


  •  11th November 2013

Toyota Teases FCV Fuel Cell Concept ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota has revealed the design of its new FCV ahead of the car's debut at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show next week. The car is one of five new concepts that Toyota will bring to the show under the slogan "Fun to Drive Again". The design is intended to evoke two key characteristics of fuel cell vehicles : the conversion of air into water in the fuel cell and the powerful acceleration afforded by the electric motor.
  • 5th November 2013

Hnrge Helicopter Takes Flight

No job is not local now with the ability to fly to installs state wide. With the latest addition to our fleet of helicopters.


  • 24th October 2013

Fuel Cell Equinox Tops 160,000km in Real-World Driving

One of General Motors' fuel cell research vehicles recently passed a milestone for a hydrogen-powered vehicle, topping 160,000 kilometers of real-world driving. By using renewable hydrogen, this vehicle saved over 19,000 litres of fuel.
  •  21st October 2013

World' First Ene-Farm Fuel Cell for Apartment Blocks

Tokyo Gas Co Ltd and Panasonic Corporation have announced the joint development of the worlds first fuel cell designed for apartment blocks. The product is the first commercialised fuel cell in the world designed specifically for this purpose and where the fuel cell unit, hot water unit and backup heat source unit can all be stored in the pipe shaft of the building.


  • 17th October, 2013

Delft University presents Forze V1 Full-Size Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Racing Car

Ex-Formula-1-Driver Jan Lammers officially unveiled the Forze VI at the former Naval Air Base Valkenburg in The Netherlands. This latest iteration of the hydrogen powered race car was designed and developed by a team of about 70 students from the Delft University of Technology. Building on the experience gained over the previous 5 years, Forze has managed to break through the important technical barriers. The Forze VI is a full-size race car weighing 880 kg and has a top speed of 220 km/h, making it one of the fastest hydrogen powered cars ever.
Jan Lammers has been following the Forze-team since 2009 and was impressed at today’s unveiling: “Forze has chosen the competitive racing industry as a platform to promote the development of hydrogen fuel cells, because competition is known to push boundaries. It is fantastic to see the progress made on the Forze vehicles over the past 4 years. The Forze VI is the first hydrogen powered vehicle that can seriously compete against conventional petrol powered race cars."

  • 5th October 2013

Storing energy the hydrogen way

With the flip of a switch, the picturesque Provencal town of LaMotte Franjas in the South of France was the site of a world debut in safe, clean hydrogen storage last week.
  • 26 September 2013

Ultra Cell launches Third-Generation XX55 Portable Military Fuel Cell.

Ultra Cell has announced the introduction of its third-generation XX55 portable reformed methanol fuel cell for military users. The new system features improved core technology and military grade electronics controls, improving manufacturability and allowing for a more ruggedized system. In addition to the fuel cell, the system includes modular packaging and a micro-manager for operating several devices simultaneously.

  •  4th June 2012                          



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