The fuel cartridge used in the MINIPAK called HYDROSTIK has a battery-like form factor and contains a special metal alloy that allows hydrogen to be stored in a solid-state, as part of the metal alloy matrix inside the cartridge. In contrast with ordinary compressed hydrogen tanks, the pressure inside the canister is very low, making this device the safest and most practical means of storing hydrogen.

The HYDROSTIK has the additional advantages of being refillable (from pressurized gas bottles, or from water-electrolysis based devices), non-toxic, eco-friendly, and competitive on cost/performance with existing battery devices.

Each HYDROSTIK can store 11wH of energy,  which is enough for 1-2 charges of a 3G smartphone or 2-3 charges for the average phone. This is more than what present primary and rechargeable batteries are able to offer at the equivalent cost.

HYDROSTIKs can be made available in bulk for refill using industrial gas, providing a low-cost portable energy option for users. When using industrial hydrogen gas, the overall energy efficiency of the MINIPAK is higher than batteries being recharged from the power grid (when counting power plant efficiency, power line losses, and typical AC/DC efficiency of chargers).

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: 1 HYDROSTIK = 14 disposable AA batteries at 1W continuous power consumption. This is because at 1w power consumption, most AA batteries can only last 1 hour, while a HYDROSTIK has enough energy to last 10 hours. Since 1 HYDROSTIK can be refilled 100 times, the same replaces (14x100) or 1400 disposable AA batteries over its lifetime.


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