Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated and need more power for longer times in order to remain practical to consumers. Horizon is combining its consumer product know-how with innovative fuel cartridge technologies to form a new device named MINIPAK able to charge a variety of portable electronics for longer durations and at a lower cost than existing disposable and rechargeable battery alternatives.

"The MINIPAK pocket size fuel cell is designed to meet the needs of users who want more portable energy in one package, at a lower cost than existing rechargeable or disposable battery-based options."

Introducing the "Personal Power Centre",

The MINIPAK is a palm-size universal portable power charger and power extender for ANY electronic device requiring up to 2w of power. Devices compatible with the MINIPAK include: iphones, smartphones, GPS handhelds, Go-Pro type cameras and MP3 players.

New opportunities also exist to disconnect hundreds of practical USB powered "apps" from PCs and laptops and bring them with you in off-grid settings.These include a number of creative USB lighting devices, USB fans, USB speaker systems for MP3 players or smart-phones, and many more.

The MINIPAK device brings together a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a metal hydride hydrogen storage cartridge, where hydrogen is stored as part of the metal alloy contained inside.

The MINIPAK DC power output is 2w (5V, 400mA), delivered through a standard micro-USB port and a multi-choice cable. The device is supplied with 2 refillable and ready to use solid state hydrogen cartridges. While a cartridge replacement and filling infrastructure develops, Horizon has taken the extra step to develop a home refueling system called "HYDROFILL" - sold as a separate accessory for added convenience.

The MINIPAK is positioned to address gaps in providing energy "on the go" for power-hungry device users, as well as provide  a low cost energy storage option for emergencies and long duration off-grid power users.


  • Refillable hydrogen storage!
  • Cheaper for the amount of storable energy ($/Wh)
  • More available energy than most existing devices (Wh)
  • Easy to use (Universal USB for multiple devices) - no need for adaptor plugs
  • No need for wall sockets: ideal for remote "off-grid" use or international travel
  • "Hot swappable" energy - simply swap "empty for full" cartridges on the go
  • Transportable on-board aircraft cabins - thanks to recent legislation approval on metal hydride devices
  • Multiple use - can be used for numerous portable devices, not just for cell-phones!
  • Infrastructure for the future - HYDROFILL "home refueling station" can be used for many other fuel cell devices
  • Eco-friendly - if disposed, canisters do not contain any mercury, cadmium or lead
  • No self discharge or memory effects - energy can be stored in a solid state for years


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The MiniPak micro-fuel cell power supply is a universal handheld charger and power extender compatible with any device with a USB power or charging capability.

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